Vote Karrie Porter for St. Patrick's Ward in St. Catharines

Monday, October 22, 2018

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My Name is Karrie Porter. These are my priorities.


Building a more affordable St. Catharines

Achieving real value for tax dollars is what our city council should be striving for each and every day. I know what it’s like to raise a family of four on a tight budget. I also know the value of paying the bills on time and ensuring that we have enough left over to make key strategic investments to help us build into the future. I want to bring that common sense approach to finances to St. Catharines city hall.

As the cost of transportation, housing and utility bills continues to mount, we need to ensure that seniors and people living on a fixed income can afford to stay in their homes and that young people have an opportunity to buy or rent a decent home and build a future right here in St. Catharines.

I will also actively oppose any effort to download services from Queen’s Park to our city. Such a move would drive up property taxes and force cuts to our recreational and cultural facilities, libraries, and our transit system.

Building a more liveable St. Catharines

Achieving a better quality of life is key to building a better St. Catharines.

That means ensuring that our city makes strategically smart and environmentally sustainable decisions when it comes to land use planning, the use of public space, retrofitting public buildings, or integrating transportation networks.

That also means, rigorously enforcing property standards violations and keeping developers accountable to residents.

I’m also committed to working with community partners to ensure that our neighbourhoods are safe and prosperous, for all of us. We need to focus on delivering good job opportunities for all.

We also need to foster the growth and development of our vibrant local arts scene. As a past president of the Niagara Artists Centre, I understand the value of the arts to our community and I will be a champion for the arts at city hall.

Building a more accountable St. Catharines

It’s important that our City Council members have clean hands when it comes to making decisions about a municipal budget in excess of $100 million. That’s why, unlike other candidates, I will not accept campaign donations from giant real estate developers or other vested interests. My vote cannot be bought. I’m only accountable to you, the residents.

I have experience working with all levels of government to help people solve problems. I want to put that valuable experience to work for the people of St. Patrick’s Ward.

We've seen everything from nepotism, cost overruns and outrageous expense claims by some of our local politicians. Let's put stronger fairness and accountability measures in place to crack down on those who treat our tax dollars like a personal bank account. 

"Building a better St. Catharines means focusing on issues that matter to people; a city that is affordable, accountable, and liveable – for everyone."

For questions or a ride to the polls, please call Karrie at 905-650-4076 or get in touch through social media:


  • For a ride to the polls or to contact Karrie directly, please call 905-650-4076.