Vote Karrie Porter for St. Patrick's Ward in St. Catharines on Monday, October 22, 2018

My Principles

I stand by strong core values that will allow me to build a better St. Catharines and a better future for all. I can be trusted to follow these principles:


I will not accept donations from powerful vested interests. Period.


I will never hide behind closed doors. I will encourage all residents to voice their ideas, dreams and opinions - whether individually or in associations and neighbourhood groups. I believe that communities build strength by working together.


I will work hard to stay informed and be accountable to the voters. I will respond to the needs of residents, help people navigate government, and keep people informed.


I will seek to find balance between competing interests and always look to find solutions that fulfill the greatest good. I will advocate for fair access for all residents to strong public services. I will work to make affordability a priority so that no one is left behind.

Healthy Environment

I will protect and promote green space. I care deeply about the environment and I will work to ensure the city is doing all it can to protect people and our assets in the face of unprecedented climate change.